This was at the same conference where we received new concept images for season 4. @MiraculousItaly on Twitter was present at the conference and @MiraculousINTL on Twitter translated the Q&A. The English translations can be found below.

According to Miraculous World Network, “Thomas is not sure when S4 will be broadcasted, but they are aiming to make the hiatus smaller than that of S1 and S2. Storyboard and scripts have already been written for S4, they are only missing the animation on the episodes.”

“Which is your favorite episode in the show?”

“My favorite episode is always the last one we have written, for we always try to improve the level. We think in making every episode better than the last.”

Thomas Astruc

Information on Chloe

“If you have seen the S3 ending, you have to understand WHY Chloé does things. She doesn’t do good things to be altruistic, but to receive recognition. This unfortunately does not cancel all the bad things she has done just because she did one good thing (only to be flattered). What message would it send kids? We try to explain why she is that way, but understanding is not the same as forgiving. Maybe Chloe can improve, but it will require a lot of work.”

Thomas Astruc

“What do you think about Lila? And why is she Italian?”

“What makes you think she’s Italian? She’s a liar, maybe she made up that too…”

Thomas Astruc

“What type of relationship do Adrien and Kagami have?”

“It’s interesting because they share many things and that’s why they understand each other profoundly. Kagami means “mirror” [In Japanese], and in fact, she’s a mirror to Marinette and Adrien, in a way. Adrien can’t speak about his life with Ladybug, so it’s easier to approach Kagami instead. But, is it really love? Who knows… nothing is sure about love, it’s a feeling with different meanings.”

Thomas Astruc

“Why did you replace Felix with Adrien?”

“Felix is a character that is mysterious and evil. When I tried to imagine Marinette reacting to him, I couldn’t imagine why she’d love someone like him, so that’s how I came up with Adrien.”

Thomas Astruc

“What’s the relationship between Gabriel and Nathalie?”

“It’s complicated. We had actually written a comic involving the events BEFORE Miraculous: when Gabriel was a teen and when he met Emilie and Nathalie, etc… We hope we can release this comic!”

Thomas Astruc

“What’s your favorite ship?”

“I like all of them, it’s hard to choose, but the most complex to create but also most interesting, is the one between Nathaniel and Marc.”

Thomas Astruc

“What is the relationship between Marinette and Luka?”

“Similar to that between Adrien and Kagami. Luka is kind, handsome and… attainable, as opposed to Adrien who is locked up. So it’s easier for her to be with Luka but also: is it love? Is it something else? Who knows.”

Thomas Astruc

“The mother Adrien loves so much… Why did she never let him go to school or let him be free?”

“All the answers are in this comic I have mentioned (the Gabriel story), so I can’t tell you, it’d be a spoiler.”

Thomas Astruc

“Is it true there’ll be a movie about the series?”

“Yes. Jeremy Zag wrote it and is directing it. I think it will be interesting, since it will show a completely different vision of the universe. It also has songs, so I’m happy.”

Thomas Astruc

“Why do you enjoy making us suffer!?”

“Because I know you like it”

Thomas Astruc

This is all we have at the moment, however it was said that there were more questions asked. An updated post will be released when more information is available.

All translations can be found at @MiraculousINTL‘s Twitter page.

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