@TheRaikume on Twitter announced that they had an interview with Wilfried Pain (widely known as Winny) yesterday night. You can read the entire interview here but I will be recapping the most important parts on this page.

  1. Q: “We’re expecting more villains from the future, should we also expect to see any more characters besides Alix coming back from the future?”

    A: “Oh yes, there will be a new character, that’s all I can say. It’s already huge to confirm that.”


  2. Q: “With Marinette being the new guardian, what would you say we should expect on how she makes her decisions, and will she be relying on Chat Noir more in the future?”

    A: “Saying anything about CN and LB’s relationship will be a spoiler. So I won’t say anything about that. But yes, the both of them will change. And of course, being the new guardian will have consequences.”


  3. Q: “Will we be getting more Felix in future episodes?”

    A: “Simple: Yes. And I also want to add: Of course we will.”


  4. Q: “How do you feel about the disbanding with SAMGs partnership with ZAG and Method?”

    A: “This is a misunderstanding. SAMG didn’t really leave, they still work with Zag. For example on Ghostforce. And with Miraculous would be on the TV specials. It’s more about business, production scheduling, and capacity. Still, it’s hard for the show yes. But we are working hard to keep the quality, and better rising for the show.”

    Q: “Oh I’m glad to hear, but still sad about them not participating with the show. And TV specials? Are there going to be other ones besides the Christmas special?”

    A: “It’s not the Christmas special. It’s the special New York special, and the Shanghai special.”

    Q: “Oh! I remember those, I thought those were postponed, we all never got any updates. How ARE those going?”

    A: “It’s in production here in Paris.”

    Q: “Will they be hour specials or just 30 minute specials?”

    A: “Something like 50 minutes.”

  5. Q: “Will we be getting even more relations within the Agreste family? Isn’t Thomas creating an origins with Gabriel and Emilie on Bayday?”

    A: “The Agrestes will stay at the center of the show, yes. Indeed Thomas is currently working on comics about Gabriel, but that’s another story.”


  6. Q: “Do you have a small message to the fandom you would like to share while we wait for the next season?”

    A: “Brace yourselves, and hold on to something. Because you’ll be absolutely blown away. And of course, Thank you all for your support. Our fandom is really powerful, and respectful. I find it Miraculous.”

Here are my summarized points of what we learned:

  1. We will be seeing more future heroes like Bunnyx.
  2. Ladybug and Chat Noir’s Relationship will change in some way.
  3. We will be seeing Felix more in the future.
  4. Zag is still working with SAMG, just not on Miraculous. They are also confirmed to be working on the “Shanghai Special”. This is the same as “The Chinese Legend” special we have heard about.
  5. We will be seeing more about the Agreste Family. They are also still working on the Gabriel’s Past comic.
  6. Season 4 will be really good (probably).

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