Miraculous Ladybug Toys Reveal Ladybug’s New Powers

You heard that right! Just like how toys and merchandise revealed the Miraculous Swap, we now have 2 new potential powers for ladybug! (and maybe Chat Noir?) This article will be broken into 2 parts. 1 part for each new design. (Chat Noir is at the end) Thanks to @RedSuitedLady for posting these images.

Here is where things get confusing. The main doll we are focusing on is the Ladybug with the black stripes. In this photo we can clearly see that she looks like normal except for the suit change.

However in this image, we see a very similar design (as far as the black in the suit goes) except for this one has wings and long hair. So for now, let’s leave this at that and show you the next suit.

Now here is where it gets confusing… again. The two images above have a doll that looks exactly like normal ladybug, except for long hair and wings.

In the image above, we see a box with a normal looking ladybug with wings… except no long hair! WHAT IS GOING ON? It is like they mix and matched all the designs into different looking ones. Anyway, that is not really a problem. Why you might ask? Because regardless of which design they choose (we might see all of them) this still confirms that we will be seeing 2 new things.

  1. Wings
  2. A new suit of some kind
We kind of expected that with new powers, we would be seeing a new suit. So that is not really a big surprise. (Although I do really like the black stripes one.) The wings on the other hand, are a much bigger confirmation. LADYBUG CAN FLY! I think my favorite design out of all of them is the one with the wings and the black stripes and the long hair. I hope they go with that one.

Now this brings up the question: Are these wings apart of new powers (like the aqua powers) or are they a new support item (like a lucky charm)? Well, now is a great time to talk about Chat Noir!

Here we can see that Chat Noir has a couple new items with him. He has a Skateboard and a Grappling hook! We can also see that Queen B has what looks like the same flying machine that ladybug had in the previous image. I think this means that we will be seeing not only new powers (like the space power-up) but also new support items!

Now I should mention that just because these are in a toy, it does not mean we will be 100% seeing this in the show. These could just be a toy for kids to enjoy and nothing else. But I think basing off of the previous toys confirming things like the Miraculous Swap and Multimouse, that there is a pretty safe bet of us seeing this in the future.

As we learn more, I will be sure to update you! So stay tuned for that!

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