New Concepts for the Miraculous Ladybug Movie are now out

A new video about Miraculous Ladybug has come out today. This video features general Miraculous achievements as well as a sneak peak at some movie concepts! The original video can be found below.

You can find still images of all the concept shots below.

It appears as though this movie is going to be a rewrite of episodes from Season 1. Which, to be honest, I am not very happy about. I was hoping to see a new original story. But who knows, maybe they will change everything about it. It is too early to say. And just to clear up confusion, no, this movie is not going to be in 2D. It will be a 3D animated movie. Similar to the actual Miraculous show. 

There was also a section of that video which said there would be about 3 new specials! We know about 2 currently. One being the Miraculous New York Special. Another being the Shanghai special. In the past we have heard of a couple other potential specials. This third special could either be the Halloween Special, or the Brazil Special. We currently don’t know which one, if either of these, it will be. It could be an entirely different special.

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