Not much has been released about the Shanghai special, but we are starting to get more and more info about it! This time we have a new synopsis! This was released during a TFOU conference and translated by Miraculous World Network.

“To join Adrien in Shanghai, Marinette visits her Uncle Wang to celebrate his birthday. However, as soon as she arrives in China, she gets her bag with Tikki stolen, whom she needs to secretly transform into Ladybug! Without money and alone in the immense city, Marinette accepts the help of a young and resourceful girl, Fei. The two girls will ally and discover the existence of a new magical jewel, the Prodigious, who Hawkmoth, also in Shanghai, has wished to possess for a long time…”

We also got some info about kwami “cousins”. These are creatures similar to kwamis but have a different name.

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