New Synopsis for the New York Special Released

You heard that right! A new updated synopsis has been released for the New York Special! This was released in a TFOU conference and translated by Miraculous World Network.

“For the french-american friendship week, Marinette and her class travel to New York, THE city of superheroes! The ideal occasion for Marinette to be close to her friends and also Adrien. Indeed, he’s travelling with his father, Gabriel Agreste, who is VERY interested in a unique exposition of a precious necklace holding an eagle talon… a jewel that could hold powers coveted by Hawk Moth. Ladybug and Cat Noir will soon have to ally with the american heroes to defend them from their enemy!”

We also get some info about how many heroes we can expect in this special. There will be 4 North Amercian heroes and they will have to fight a “Techno-pirate”.

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