A new date and synopsis for the New York Special has been released by Disney Channel! The new date for this special is September 26th at 9:20 am (France Time) on Disney Channel France (3:20 am EST). The countdown page is now updated. The synopsis can be found below.

Marinette’s class must travel to New York to celebrate French-American Friendship Week. The whole class participates in it… except Adrien, because his father refuses to let him go. In anticipation of his departure, Ladybug asks Chat Noir to watch over Paris but does not specify the reasons for her absence. Chat Noir takes the mission very seriously… but when Marinette, as a class delegate, convinces Gabriel to let his son go with his classmates, Adrien has a problem. Indeed, the schoolboy is also Chat Noir in secret, he cannot at the same time watch over Paris and be with his class in New York. How is he going to do that? If the two heroes are away, who will watch over Paris?

There’s one thing Ladybug and Cat Noir don’t know: Hawk Moth is also getting ready to travel! The French-American Friendship Week interests him the most and it may well be that American superheroes need a little help! What can Hawk Moth have in mind when traveling to New York?

(Translated from French)

Most of this synopsis is the same as before. Here are the main differences between this and the last synopsis (list by Miraculous World Network):

  • Β Adrien initially isn’t allowed to go to NYC due to Gabriel
  • Ladybug asks Cat Noir to take care of Paris while she’s gone (without saying where’s she’s headed)
  • As Class Rep. Marinette convinces Gabriel to let Adrien go with them, after all.
  • Now Cat Noir is wondering how to be on two places at the same time!
  • But what Cat Noir doesn’t know is that Hawk Moth is in NYC anyway

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