Mundo Gloob has released a new episode title for Season 4! We knew that these would come at some point but for a 2021 release, this seems early. Nonetheless, we are still hype! The new episode title is “Gabriel Agreste“. This is interesting because typically the name of the episode is the Akumatized villains name. So does this mean someone will be akumatized into Gabriel Agreste? Leave your theories down in the comments below!

This description also says that we will be getting the name of another episode this Saturday during a live stream! In the description of that stream, they also say:

“This is an unprecedented 1-hour edition of Miraculous World! Our illustrious presenters Jéssica Vieira (voice actress for Ladybug) and Fabricio Vila Verde (voice actor for Cat Noir) lead the program full of jokes, theories and even some spoilers. Someone told me that there will be reading of an unprecedented scene, a miraculous music clip, a special episode of Ladyblog and even a chat with Ladybug herself.”

Not only will we be getting a new episode name, but we will also get a new reading of an “unprecedented” scene, and possibly more? We will just have to stay tuned for this Saturday!

UPDATE: A new Instagram post from Gloob has stated that the new “unprecedented” scene will be from the New York Special!

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