Mundo Gloob had a reading of a part of the upcoming New York Special! Here you can find the entire thing. Translated by @Lollipop_Mach on Twitter.

Chat Noir tries to give a rose to Ladybug and she said she can’t accept it, then he says

“Yeah, you couldn’t accept the red one cause you said in the language of flowers it meant passion! I tried to give you a white rose and you said it meant pure love! Now this is a yellow rose! And, I did my research, it means friendship! So, to our partnership!”

and Ladybug replies

“Friendship? You sure it isn’t jealousy?”

Chat: “No!…erm…Jealousy is blue! No, Purple! No…. Orange?”

Ladybug: “Haha, you don’t need to give me flowers! I already knowΒ you are the best partner ever, Chat Noir!”

*she sniffs the flower*

“it smells good! Thanks, kitty”

*Ladybug then leaves and Chat Noir seems really satisfied*

Chat: “*sighs* She’s so amazing! I am amazing too actually… I should be giving flowers to MYSELF

*he kissed his forearm*

And that’s it! I was sort of expecting more based on some readings in the past, but anything is better than nothing! Stay Tuned for more info!

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