Another new synopsis for the New York Special has been released! This time it is from TF1. Check it out below.

This is a dream opportunity for the group of high school friends to strengthen their ties, but also for Marinette and Adrien to get closer since, against all expectations, Gabriel Agreste has accepted that his son take part in this trip! It must be said that Gabriel also planned to go secretly to New York because he was particularly interested in the inaugural exhibition of a precious jewel: a necklace bearing an eagle’s claw that Lafayette would have offered to George Washington as a sign of friendship between France and the United States… a jewel which could be endowed with powers coveted by Hawkmoth…


From the plane, the schoolchildren witness the spectacular intervention of four illustrious superheroes including Knight Owl to neutralize a terrible villainous Techno-pirate who has just seized the reactor.

And the adventures have only just begun! Lady Bug and Chat Noir will join forces with the super heroes to defend peace in New York and preserve the Statue of Liberty…

(Translated from French)

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