Jeremy Zag has released a new image as well as some new info on the Renlings. These Renlings are going to be appearing in the Shanghai Special. Here is what Jeremy Zag wrote on Instagram:

“They are not Kwamis they are renlings, they can transform you into a wild animal you must control. Their owner is a very special person Ladybug and cat noir will meet in Shanghai! Coming very soon to you.”

So what we can gather from this is the Renlings are all likely apart of the Prodigious. The power of the Renlings is to transform the user into an animal. It is not clear if this means an actual animal or just a design (Like ladybug or Chat Noir). Either way it is an interesting take on this power.

This is another version of the new Renling image released by Jeremy Zag. This was removed shortly after he posted it.

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