Gloob has released the third promo of Season 4! This features Ladybug in a new suit as well as the next Queen B! Check it out here:

Miraculous Mexico has some extra info not available to the public and confirmed that this ladybug is a part of a new power!

Thomas had originally said this costume was not being used in the show when a concept of it was released, but now we know that to not be true.

I wonder what power this is? Anyway, Miraculous Mexico also confirmed that this is a new hero and not just Chloe again. I look forward to either meeting this person for the first time or seeing her again!

You may be wondering what her face looks like. Well, we got a leak of her face a while back. Check it out here:

Being completely honest, she looks a lot like Chloe… Maybe an older version of her? One more piece of information Miraculous Mexico confirmed was that she is not actually named “Queen Bee.” They did not say what her name was but we will find out eventually.

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