Le Figaro got to ask Thomas Astruc some questions about the Shanghai Special! It was translated here. Those questions and answers can be found below. 

TV Magazine. – How was born this new adventure?

Thomas ASTRUC. – It all started with the desire to expand the universe of Miraculous a little, which was very Parisian. We thought that we should take our heroes around the world, just to show that there are superheroes on every continent. We started with the New York special, going back to basics when it comes to superheroes, and now we’re visiting China.

Why did you choose Shanghai?

Marinette, the heroine, is a half French- half Chinese, so it made sense for her to explore her origins in China.

Usually, in Miraculous, the city where the action takes place is a character in its own. Is this the case in this new adventure?

Of course. The entire team of writers went to China to visit Shanghai in order to really soak up it and recreate its atmosphere as faithfully as possible. Obviously, it’s so big that we can’t recreate everything, but we hope we were respectful enough to depict it.

What symbolic places of this city can we find?

We could miss the Bund which is this promenade along the Huangpu River, from which you can see the futuristic Pudong district with the Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl TV tower. There is also Nanjing Street, one of the main shopping streets in the historic center of Shanghai.

What to say about the new season 4 which begins next Sunday, April 11 at 9:40 am?

This is a big development for the series. Starting with the character of Marinette who becomes the Guardian of the Miraculous, even though she hadn’t asked for anything until now. So it’s more responsibility for our superheroine. There’s going to be a new villain, new superheroes, and new places in Paris to discover, including the “Ile aux Cygnes”, which has been reimagined a bit.

Other projects?

Yes, we will continue to expand the Miraculous universe. If possible, we would like all the new heroes that we meet in every part of the world to eventually have their own series.

Disney Channel Spain also released a new promo for the Shanghai Special! It can be found below:

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