You know that Ladybug charm that we saw in Monster Fu? Have you ever wondered what that was? Well, we now have an explanation! Miraculous Mexico on Twitter had a long thread explaining a leak that had surfaced a while back. I will have some of the important tweets below, but I will paraphrase the entire leak:

A fan emailed someone working for Zag and accidently got some info on Season 4 and the New York Special. Miraculous Mexico had previously seen that (because they have inside info) and got in contact with the original fan to find out how they got it. This was not supposed to be out in the public, however now that Season 4 is airing and we pretty much know everything already, Miraculous Mexico just went ahead and explained everything (with permission from Zag).

Obviously there are more details, but that is the gist of it. The main leak in question was this:


The main thing learned from this is that Ladybug now has the ability to create these “Magical Charms” that will protect the victims of Shadow Moth. Miraculous Mexico also explained that Episode 4 will be all about Ladybug learning about these charms as well as the new suit we have seen her wear. Here are some of the important tweets from Miraculous Mexico:

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