Now with all of the episode titles released for Season 4, we just have to wait for them to slowly roll out. With the release of the episode titles, we also got some new dates. Here they are!

Episode 15 – Glaciator 2 – October 24th

Episode 15 – Glaciator 2 (English) – November 6th

Episode 16 – Hack-San (English) –  November 13th

Episode 9 – Gabriel Agreste – November 20th

Episode 22 (100th in series) – Ephemeral – November 27th

All of these (except for the first Glaciator 2) are slated for Disney Channel USA at 10am EST. This means that these episodes will be in English! The first Glaciator 2 is set for TFOU (French Dub) at an unknown time.

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