TF1 announced a new date for the episode “Ephemeral” which is: November 7th, 9:35am France Time (3:35am EST)! They also released an image to go along with this.

A synopsis for this episode was also released:

What if Ladybug and Cat Noir discovered their secret identities? To fight a villain, Ladybug summons nine superheroes, when in fact all she needed was Cat Noir and his cataclysm. But she couldn’t call him, as she still didn’t know his identity. The Celestial Guardian of the Miraculous finds out about this situation and determines that it cannot continue. It is very dangerous to leave the Miraculous of the Black Cat with a stranger. If Ladybug remains as guardian, she must find a way to tell Master Su-Han who Cat Noir really is. Someone must know to control. With that ultimatum, what will Ladybug do?

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