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Our Founder

This site is created by Cartoon Apocalypse. They make YouTube videos on Miraculous Ladybug news but also wanted a website to hold all of that news in an easy way. Their social media links can be found below.


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MLN Rating

You might be wondering what the “MLN Rating” is on each of our episode pages. These are a rating that we have given each of the episodes. There are two sections to the rating. There are the individual scores and there is the overall score. 


Individual Score

The individual score has five categories. Those are Plot, Enjoyment, New Content, Rushed, and Shipping. The rating given to each of these categories represents how much of each category was apparent in each episode. Each of these starts at a 50%. Anything above a 50% means that that episode had that category and anything below means that that episode did not have a lot of that category. For example, if the shipping rating is a 15%, that means that there was not a lot of shipping in that episode.

Overall Score

The overall score takes everything into account to give a general rating of the episode. This starts from zero, unlike the Individual score. A 50% would be an average score. Anything lower than a 50% would be a negative score and anything above would be a positive score.