Miraculous New York

Miraculous Ladybug In New York
First Concept Released for "Miraculous New York"

Confirmed Information

Miraculous New York is a 52 minute special for Miraculous Ladybug. On October 19th, Method Animation and ON Animation Studios announced they were looking for Storyboard and cleanup artists to work on a new special titled “Miraculous New York”. They said it would last 52 minutes. 

SAMG will be producing this special, according to an interview with Wilfried Pain.

Thomas Astruc released an image of a new character. They are an icy looking character and could either be a hero or a villain. He says that despite COVID19, they are still working on the New York Special.

Thomas Astruc released a gif featuring a character that looks exactly like Sparrow from the old “Quantic Kids” Team. Gif below. This is confirmed to be for the New York Special.

Thomas Astruc released an image of a new character. We know nothing about this character other than she will be in the New York Special.

The Special is confirmed for 2020! Disney says sometime between September 1st and October 2nd. This news also brought along an updated image for the special including a new logo.

A synopsis for the special was released. “During a school field trip, Ladybug and Cat Noir meet the american superheroes, whom they have to save from an akumatized super-villain. They will also discover that Miraculous exist in the United States, too.”

Thomas Astruc says the special takes place between season 3 and 4. We know nothing about this character other than she will be in the New York Special.

3 new characters released in blacked out designs. These designs were released in a TFOU conference. We don’t 100% know who these characters are (or even if they are from the New York special) but the Character to the left looks like one Thomas Released a while ago and the middle Character looks similar to Sparrow.

A new synopsis for the New York Special released. “For the french-american friendship week, Marinette and her class travel to New York, THE city of superheroes! The ideal occasion for Marinette to be close to her friends and also Adrien. Indeed, he’s travelling with his father, Gabriel Agreste, who is VERY interested in a unique exposition of a precious necklace holding an eagle talon… a jewel that could hold powers coveted by Hawk Moth. Ladybug and Cat Noir will soon have to ally with the american heroes to defend them from their enemy!”

Unconfirmed Information

Jeremy Zag said the team was working on a crossover special featuring Miraculous Ladybug, Pixie Girl, and Ghostforce. We currently do not know if the Miraculous New York is the special he is referencing, but both Pixie Girl and Ghostforce take place in New York, so it would make sense.

Sebastien Thibaudeau said “And a special episode will keep you waiting until the airing of Season 4.” It is unknown if the episode he is talking about will be the Miraculous New York episode, but it is a possibility.


Unknown Character


Unknown Hero
Updated Poster
Blacked out designs

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