Thomas Astruc Reveals Some of New York’s Super Heroes

You heard that right! We got some huge news regarding the New York Special! Thomas released a gif and an image. You can see the tweets below:

Here are full resolution versions:

Let’s go ahead and explain what is going on here. We have 2 new Heroes confirmed for the New York Special. The first one (the gif) is most likely Sparrow. He was a hero that was originally going to be a part of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s team. This original team, originally called the “Quantic Kids” comprised of the following heroes:

It is likely we will see more of these heroes in the New York Special as well. But for now, let’s focus on Sparrow. Here is more art of him:

The Sparrow was Thomas’ favorite Quantic Kids member, as seen from the tweet below:

With all of this, I think it is safe to assume this character is in fact Sparrow. We also have confirmation that he will appear in the New York Special:

Moving on to the second character, we really don’t know anything about her. A lot of people want to see her as the next Queen B. And since we know that we would be seeing a new Queen B, it makes sense. Especially since this character is Thomas’ new favorite. That being said, we can’t make any assumptions. So for now, this character is just an unnamed hero we know nothing about.

And we also have confirmation that she is a part of the New York Special:

We have a new look at a NEW character from the Miraculous New York Special

As seen above, Thomas has released a new look at a character from the Miraculous New York Special. You can see the original tweet below.

This character may look like Sabrina, however Thomas says “new characters” so it is unlikely that this is actually Sabrina. That being said, we still learn a lot from this image. One thing we learn is there is someone (an akumatized victim?) who has some sort of ice power or ability. This means that we will most likely see Ladybug and Chat Noir’s Ice Abilities! Their abilities have been underused so I am excited for this! Another thing I want to point out is “a batch of new characters”. Usually if you are making a large project, you finish the more important things first. And if this character posted here is a main (or more main then side characters) then that means that the other “new characters” must be pretty important as well. It is very possible that we will see a new hero in this special episode!

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