3 New promotional images for Chat Blanc Released

Multiple TV Guides have been uploading promotional images for the upcoming episode, Chat Blanc. Set to air on November 9th on RTS, which is a French speaking channel, and November 12th on Disney Channel UK, which is an English speaking channel. A countdown for those episodes can be found here

The first image was released on a Brazilian site named ANMTV. It shows Chat Blanc reaching for Ladybug’s earring while also keeping a blast loaded in his other hand. 

In the second image, we see Chat Blanc aiming a blast at something out of the shot. He looks scared and is probably backing up as he is aiming this shot. We can also see that he is still in Paris. This image was released on Sky Tv’s website

And finally, the third image. This image was released on TFOU’s Instagram. In it we can see Ladybug hugging Chat Noir in a seemingly blue background. We can assume this hug occurs after Ladybug has managed to turn Chat Blanc back into Chat Noir. Chat Noir looks confused as to why Ladybug is hugging him and Ladybug looks overjoyed to see Chat Noir again.

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